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See the latest information on how CAE is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Defence & Security Customer Support

Customer Support
Global Customer Service

Contact your Customer Experience Lead or Customer Services Representative for any support required. You may find their coordinates in the Customer web portal.

Customer web portal : https://caextranet.cae.com/Menu/login.aspx

You will find in the web portal, the 24-7 Parts and Technical Emergency Support phone number, request for hardware parts quotation and ordering, CAE tools, Information Bulletins and more.

For any other requests, contact us at 514-341-2000 and ask to speak to the Customer Services administrative assistant or email us.

Need Customer Web Portal Access?

CAE USA Customers

T. Monday to Friday (7:30am to 4:30pm EST):  +1-813-887-1787

T. (Emergency after-hours):  Dial the Customer Service (CS) number above.
At the second level of the voice mail follow the instructions for after-hours emergency support.

If you are trying to reach CAE Healthcare’s customer service, please visit: http://www.blacknwa.com/contact-us/healthcare-contacts

If you are trying to reach the civil Dallas Training Centers, please visit: http://www.blacknwa.com/contact-us/civil-aviation/training-centres​​​​​​​

General Inquiries

T. +1-514-341-6780 ext. 3100

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